Danny Boy, 2014

acrylic on canvas with contract (ink on paper)

10 x 8 inches

A painting created by the artist with an attached contract that requires its owner to sell the painting within one calendar year of its purchase. This agreement to sell the work is also passed on to the new collector, and so on and so forth. Designed to inhibit the possession of the painting by a single individual or institution for more than one year. Other than to archive the work’s provenance, the artist is therefore specifically left out of the process of negotiating the sale of the work. The value of the work is determined by the parties and recorded along with the names and locations of all previous owners inside the accompanying agreement. Each new buyer has access to this information.

After the initial sale of the painting in 2014 and for as long as all parties agree to perpetuate the work, the artist is not financially connected to the work and all determining factors regarding the worth and location of the work develop through a self-organized system written into the artwork’s contract. This photo of the work was taken by its owner in Portland, Oregon, 2015.



John C Gonzalez


Danny Boy, 2014 - 16

John C Gonzalez. Art studio, Brooklyn New York. 2014

Danny Boy

Shawn Przbilla and Nicole Brovold. Residence, Portland Oregon. 2014 - 2015

Danny Boy

Darius Kazemi and Courtney Stanton. Residence, Portland Oregon. 2015 - 16