Employee of the Month, 2011

performance installation

As part of an exhibition at the Helen Day Art Center, a contemporary art exhibition space in Stowe, Vermont, I created an Employee of the Month Rewards Programs for the Art Center’s staff. Each month I provided the Center’s director with evaluation standards that included various mental, physical, and social challenges that he would use to rank his employees. Based on the information he provided, one member of the Art Center’s six-person staff would receive the title of Employee of the Month. He or she would be rewarded with a reserved parking spot in front of the Art Center, a private dinner made by the director, his or her photo on display in the main gallery alongside a brief hand-written autobiographical statement, and a certificate of appreciation made by me. Images below include a designated parking spot for the Employee of the Month and various evaluation exercises that include: a task to design and complete an obstacle course in the office, ranking for how many paper cups one can knock over with a rubber band while the boss keeps score, to find the biggest month, make an avatar of the boss as a Simpson’s character, discover and hide a blue car, and a certificate congratulating the Employee of the Month.

photo credit: Lizzy Crawford



John C Gonzalez