The Drawing Room, 2012

performance installation

This project occupied a gallery space at the University of Rhode Island for the month of October 2012. Located next to classrooms and studios, the project functioned as a space where students could partner with the artist to collaborate on short works that would exist temporarily in the gallery. Two projects that were realized in the space where Untitled (Box Project), where participants filled the small gallery with 200 empty boxes purchased from The Home Depot. For this project students were invited to rearrange the boxes often creating modular stacks that were sculptural and architectural. These creations were then dismantled by others who used them to build new forms. The result became on ongoing sculptural installation that continued to change as visitors interacted with it. Eliphint Presents, was the second project in which the artist collaborated with a student’s sons, aged 13 and 10, to exhibit sculptures from videos they have created and screened several of their animation projects. The two brothers also spoke about their creative process and influences after the screening.

photo credit: Nicole Delanos

photo credit: Nicole Delanos



John C Gonzalez